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Brian and Alyssa both surrendered their lives to Jesus in fall of 2009 shortly before they met. Two years later, in 2011, Brian heard God’s call to pastoral ministry and later that year he and Alyssa got engaged. Alyssa’s pastor from Athens, GA was preparing to marry the two and during premarital counseling began discussing Brian’s call to ministry. Pastor Hal, a church planter himself, prompted the desire in Brian to plant his own church someday.

Soon after, Brian began to sense God calling him to plant a church, and his desire to plant grew more each month and year that passed. In fall of 2016, after moving to Gainesville, FL, Brian completed a Christian Mission class in seminary where God further stirred Brian’s heart to move toward this desire of planting a church. Brian learned about NAMB and the Send Network through seminary and their initiative to plant churches all over North America. Brian and Alyssa spent months in prayer about planting a church and finally came to the conclusion that the Lord was telling them not yet.

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About a month later in 2017, Brian and Alyssa found out they were pregnant with Matthew their second son. At their twelve-week sonogram, they were told that Matthew would not make it to birth and if he did, he would only breathe and blink and then slowly pass away shortly after. But God had different plans for Matthew.

Through this storm, God did some amazing work in Brian and Alyssa’s lives. For the next 25 weeks as they waited for Matthew’s arrival, they learned to walk by faith and what ministry looks like by the love they were given from their church in Gainesville, FL. Today, Matthew is alive and has exceeded all expectations. He is a miracle of God!

In the summer of 2017, Brian and Alyssa decided to move to Jacksonville, FL to be closer to family. In fall of 2018, the Lord led them to Hibernia Baptist Church. And while visiting they heard about Hibernia’s desire to plant churches. And immediately, Brian and Alyssa felt this was the church God was calling them to join.

Over the next four years at Hibernia, Brian launched and lead a young married Bible Study Group. He served as a deacon, on the student preaching team, and as the college pastor. After revitalizing the college ministry, Brian had the privilege of leading all young adult ministries. Later he helped launch a cross-generational young married ministry for nearly and newlyweds. And in the Summer of 2022, Brian was ordained as a pastor by Hibernia Baptist Church.

Last year, Brian spent nine months at a church plant in Fruit Cove, FL called Salvation Church. During this season, Brian was mentored and taught the practical side of church planting. It was a fruitful season to say the least and helped prepare Brian for the journey ahead.

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